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Hoofbeats in the Sea, by Jean Khanbegian, features the artist’s original painting series of Sable Island horses and other wild life native to this island, now established as Canada’s 43rd National Park. With stunning paintings beyond photographic portrayals, as well as poetic descriptions and authentic story of the Sable horses, this masterful artist captures the beauty, mystery and aura of Sable Island, a subject which has intrigued her from earliest years, growing up in Nova Scotia.

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Other Books by Jean Khanbegian

I try to portray truth in my art...to energize my paintings with movement and light...to capture the long mist as it rolls in from the headlands, the rising storm or the lonely cry of seabirds as they speak for all things wild.

Discover secrets and solutions to capture action, energy and the magic of light and shadow as they add impact and drama to your work. Jean Khanbegian’s book on painting the sea, coast and wild life environment demonstrates in original oils and watercolors the artist’s mastery of her subject. The book gives valuable instructions, tips and the artist's palette mixes to aspiring artists who strive to produce effective, meaningful art work.

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Painting Sea and Sky, by Jean Khanbegian is an art instruction book, part of a series, featuring authoritative introductions to the basic techniques and methods beginning artists might use to create effective seascapes. First published by Pitman Publishers and later by Grossett and Dunlap, this now limited edition, soft covered book has sold to thousands of art students in the US and around the world.

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